Hanging Bird House Cake

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Hanging Bird House Cake

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Cake stands are so last season – present your cake in a more innovative way by hanging it instead!

In this fantastic 3-part tutorial, join Verusca Walker as she teaches you how to set up a hexagonal cake (with a hexagonal cake or using a square cake).

She will show you how to create an internal structure to support this 15kg cake.

Imagine how awesome you're going to be, presenting a cake to hang from a tree or over a dessert table!

To top it all off, she’ll also teach you how to make the intricate details in the birdhouse, and how to make the vintage effect on its roof!

This pack contains 3 full-length videos where Verusca goes step-by-step in setting up the frame, carving, and decorating the cake

This amazingly unique cake will steal the show at every Wedding party, Birthday party, but can also be customised to fit any party theme.

What can possibly be cooler than a cake hanging from up above?

Verusca will impress you in this video as she makes the impossible a reality. 

The package includes a downloadable PDF ebook which runs through the process complete with photos and templates for the birdhouse.

Part 1:

-building internal structure

-carving the body of the cake

-making the roof and covering it

Part 2:

-painting the roof

-covering the cake

-preparing details

Part 3:

-coloring the details

-finishing touches

-tips and tricks

Use Verusca’s technique to make other hanging cakes. Try making flower pots! Whatever design it’ll be, you’ll definitely be able to impress your guests.

Click on "I want this" to purchase this fantastic tutorial with this innovative technique you can use to make your cake repertoire versatile.

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