Jemima Puddle Duck Cake

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Jemima Puddle Duck Cake

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Bring this classic story book character to life, and save brave Jemima from the fox!

Have a jolly wobble making with our Jemima Puddle duck Cake! 

Create this piece together with Margie Carter as she proves to you that

you can recreate Jemima even on your first try.

This pack contains 10 videos in varied lengths that

go through the entire process of recreating Jemima – from carving the base cake, molding the head and neck, and coloring the cake.

This makes it easier for you to replay steps that you’re having difficulties on.

It also includes a downloadable PDF ebook which contains

step-by-step instructions with photos, recipe for modelling chocolate, and templates that Margie used.

Part 1

-building internal structure

-carving the base cake

Part 2

-carving details


-ganaching the body

Part 3

-sculpting the neck

-making the head

-using sculptors' internal structure on small parts

Part 4

-covering the body

-sculpting fondant

Part 5

-sculpting the head

-covering head

-sculpting details in fondant

Part 6

-sculpting legs and feet

Part 7

-handpainting beak and feet

-tips and tricks

Part 8

-handpainting bonnet

-tips and tricks

Part 9

-hand painting shawl

Part 10

-decorating shawl

-adding details

-finishing touches

I want this!
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