Lilac Showpiece Isomalt

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Are you thinking of a great cake centerpiece for an upcoming tea party

in your garden?

Or are you looking for a beautiful cake to make for a
special occasion like a wedding anniversary?

Are you an advanced cake decorator yearning for challenge?

Impress your customers with something so unique and so extraordinary that will swipe off your competitors from your local cake decorating scene!

Imagine presenting this chrystal-looking sugar sculpture as part of a breathtaking wedding-party decor or as a spectacular centerpiece on an Easter table!

This sculpture is so gracious, elegant that all your guests and customers will swoon in awe.

Let me tell you a secret though...

With the step by step instructions of this detailed tutorial video, it is actually pretty easy to make!

Don't believe me! Let our award winning Janos prove it to you!

Part 1

- preparing isomalt

- getting to know your equipments

- coloring isomalt

- learning to work isomalt

- making the flower

Part 2

- making the stand

- making details

- making leaves

- making sugar balloons

- assembling the sculpture

Here's what your fellow decorators have to say:

“II didn’t realize we could possibly make a great cake decoration out of isomalt! This movie just showed me everything I need to know to get my cake done!” – Anna, LCDO student

“I am an amateur baker and my first ever cake is for my future sister-in-law’s bridal shower. This is the perfect cake for the party! Can’t wait to make it soon!” – Angela, LCDO student
I want this!
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Lilac Showpiece Isomalt

0 ratings
I want this!